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Phil Garlington Workshop Holidays

Meet Phil...

When I was a slip of a lad at the age of 13, I was lucky enough to visit the east coast of the USA singing in a school choir. This continued throughout my teens and in retrospect had a large impact on me.

I was fortunate enough to see and experience things most of my peers didn’t. I got to view the sights of new towns and cities and the lives and values of their people, which subliminally formed opinions in my young mind and laid the foundation of the lively curiosity I still possess today.

While I continued to be fascinated by everything around me, I was armed with my Dad’s Voigtlander Viewfinder camera, which I now have, a magic box that captured not only these moments, but also the way my naïve mind interpreted them. Obviously at the time I was oblivious to the creative process that was happening, or the power of the images I was producing. They were by no means staggering shots, but the raw desire is apparent looking back.

I ventured back on many occasions once I’d left school, making excursions into New York for the day, grabbing a pretzel or a hot dog on a street corner, and absorbing the atmosphere around me – and having a lust to record it.

Although I shot the obvious sights as a tourist, I seemed to do it out of some sort of obligation. How could you not photograph the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building? It would be a sin not to, but I was constantly distracted by the life going on around me.

As impressive as the bricks and mortar of this magnificent city are, the essence is in its people and the hustle and bustle of their diverse lives.

The passion has never left me, and I still get excited and inspired whenever I enter any Town or City with my camera. There are many people who share this passion and want the opportunity to express it and create images that maybe so far have been illusive, or the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself – until now.

If your lively curiosity has reached boiling point, join me on one of my photography workshops.

What is Street Photography?

The exact definition of this popular genre is tricky to pin down and means different things to different people. Even the word ‘street’ itself is misleading. Some would argue that it is not so much about whether the photography is actually carried out in an urban environment; it is about the kind of images you make. Street photography is more of an attitude, approach or frame of mind.

Phil believes “street photography “can be applied to any photographs taken in a public space, with or without the inclusion of people, which are entirely natural, and not set up. Street photography is real, it is ordinary life made extraordinary by the eye of the photographer.

Some images captured can show the visual puns or tricks of perspective while others are more thought-provoking and mysterious. Phil is a bit of a purist and believes images should capture things that occurred naturally and spontaneously in front of the camera and which the photographer had the speed and vision to see and record or wait patiently for “The shot”. He feels that the idea of arranging images goes completely against the spirit of street photography.


So why not join Phil on a Street Photography Workshop?


2021 - 2022 COVID WORKSHOPS (*Only Slight Changes)

My Street Photography Workshops are intended to be hands-on and designed to give you the most information possible and have always been aimed at small groups,

FIVE participants only.

*It is my suggestion that you come together as an existing “bubble” group, family, friends or work colleagues.

• Develop a street photographer’s eye and learn how to ‘read the streets’, spotting photo opportunities in everyday street scenes.

• Understand the aesthetics and the art of street photography.

• Nurture your own photographic style and learn how to conceive and develop projects.

• Understand the components of a great street image.

• Shooting your environment quietly and unobtrusively.

• Learn the technical aspects of street photography: equipment, settings, composition, exposure, light and focus.

• Maximise the potential of your camera when photographing buildings and urban landscapes.

• Learn how manual (zone) focusing can make you more effective as a street photographer.

• Learn how to photograph safely in difficult situations or areas and how to interact effectively with the public, the police and other officials; react positively if people are questioning, challenging or offended.

• Understand the key legal and ethical aspects of street photography.

This is a friendly workshop aimed at encouraging strong theme and story based Street Photography. You do not need to be an accomplished photographer, but a basic understanding of exposure and your camera would be advantageous, however, I will be on hand throughout to help.

And whilst I will cover the technicalities (such as camera settings, light and composition), I pay as much attention to the art of street photography as I do the technique and it is this combination which makes my workshops different. My focus is to help your understanding of what makes a strong image and helping you develop your own style and approach.


Suggested Itinerary 

(Lunch and refreshments included)
9:30am (Coffee Shop): Meet & Greet
10:00am (Coffee Shop): Introduction to style, substance, light, composition and moment 
10:30 am (Streets): Shooting
11:30am (Coffee Shop): Curation and editing of your images
12 - 1 pm Lunch (Included)
1 pm - 3:30 pm (Street): Shooting to a brief. 
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm – (Coffee Shop): Spend time together curating images, building a presentation with open and honest critique.
5:30 pm Finish
COST £120 per participant 
Ultimately, the most important thing about the workshop is that it is fun and that you enjoy it.

Please contact Phil or Fiona By Clicking here -  

to discuss City, Venue and Date.

Let us not miss this opportunity to capture

The Streets of the crazy years!